Weighing the options of renting vs. buying? Follow along to understand some of the pros and cons of each option to make the decision that’s best for you.


Many homeowners are pondering the question, “Should I list my home for sale now, going into the holidays and winter months, or wait until spring?” Well, here are 10 good reasons to list your home for sale right now.


Here are our top 10 things that home owners should NEVER do when trying to sell their home.

1. Don’t Put YOUR Lifestyle on Display

Buyers fall in love with a lifestyle, or the dream of a better lifestyle in a new home. But they’ll never do it in your home if all they can see is YOUR lifestyle. Remember this one important point: Most buyers are already living in cramped homes with overcrowded closets, clutter and worn-out features in their homes. So the last thing you want to show them is that life is exactly the same in your house as it is in theirs!
1. OCD – Organize, Clean and De-clutter De-clutter your rooms to make them appear more spacious, which is a big selling plus for buyers. Keep this in mind: Most buyers are shopping for a home that’s bigger than their current home. They need more space, but a cluttered home tells a buyer there’s not enough space. You may need to remove or place in storage a lot of the items in your home … including furniture! The Judy Woten Team can help you decide what needs to get packed up for your new home, and what can stay. Call us at (434) 385-8568 to request a free pre-listing assessment.


Certain home owner habits could actually be harming the home, and can lead to major home improvement projects later on. This Old House recently featured a list of several bad home owner habits to avoid, including:

1 | Walking on the Roof

It's true that keeping gutters clear and spotting roof damage early precludes pricey repairs, but stepping onto the shingles is risky for any DIYer. It can not only damage roofing but will also void the manufacturer's warranty.

Are Facebook’s 150 million American users revealing too much — and are you one of them? According to a recent study by Consumer Reports of more than 1,300 households who use Facebook, many Facebook users do not use privacy settings and reveal too much about their day-to-day plans that could be putting themselves and their information at risk. According to the study, researchers project that 4.8 million people have used Facebook to reveal their plans on a certain day, which could serve as a tip-off to burglars.


If you're planning to sell your home -- or even if you just want to dig yourself out from all of the STUFF that has accumulated, here are our top tips for decluttering your home:

1. Put it on your schedule.

Clutter clearing can easily take up hours if you have a huge amount of clutter to clear out. Set aside time in your schedule and segment the task into different parts. For example, set aside X amount of hours for your wardrobe, followed by your bedroom, then your storage room, and so on.

April 2012 Market Update Now three months into 2012, both the housing market and the overall economy are improving at modest rates. These improvements have inspired confidence in consumers, demonstrated by a 9.2% increase in pending home sales in February from the year prior. Both home prices and sales are expected to increase in 2012. Lawrence Yun, chief economist for NAR, stated, “Falling visible and shadow inventory [bank-held properties], combined with a dearth of new-home and apartment construction during the past three years, assure that rents will continue to rise, with likely home price increases in 2012.” As rents continue to rise, buying becomes a more and more attractive option as home affordability, or the percent of income it takes to pay the mortgage, continues to be among the most favorable in history. Trulia’s Winter 2012 Buy vs. Rent Index, which measures the relative cost of renting compared to asking prices of homes found that in 98% major metropolitan areas sampled, it was more affordable to buy than to rent.
Home buying is the smarter choice than renting, according to Trulia’s Winter 2012 Rent vs. Buy Index. Buying a home is more affordable than renting in 98 of the nation’s 100 largest metro areas, according to the index, which tracks asking prices for rental units compared to for-sale homes in major metro areas.
Reality check: your real estate transaction is not a children’s story. Grown-up life is complicated, as are money matters and relationships. Since real estate involves all three (being a grown up, money and relationships), smart buyers and sellers should cast a suspicious eye at super simple real estate rules of thumb. Let’s take a handful of the most persistent ones head on, and decipher which of them are fact, and which are fiction.